Retrofit Modernisation & Boiler Upgradation

As a service, we offer the complete modernization and reconstruction of boilers and their accessories, which includes creating a feasibility study and the design of a maximally efficient solution.

Give a new life to your boiler

Technology evolution

Upgrading from the older technology of existing boiler to the latest one to enable better efficiency and reduce cost

Wearing out

Replacing the old worn-out equipment/ parts of the existing boiler to minimize breakdowns, increase productivity and uptime.

Retrofitting or Modernization

Reenergizing existing boiler through capacity enhancement, fuel switchover, automation, etc.

Capacity and Efficiency Enhancement

  • CBL offers steam generation capacity enhancement or increases efficiency in conjunction with efficiency enhancement
  • Performance analysis and system improvement
  • Upgradation of instrumentation and controls
  • Air pollution control upgrades
  • Steam capacity enhancement through detailed study & re-engineering

Fuel Conversion & Firing System Upgrades

  • From gaseous to liquid fuels and vice-versa
  • From liquid/gas to solid fuels and vice-versa
  • Upgrade from Grate Firing mode to fluidized bed combustion
  • Fuel feeding system upgrades
  • Multi-fuel adaptability
  • Bottom hopper conversions

Utility Revamping & Engineering Services

  • Piping design consultancy
  • R.L.A (Remnant Life Assessment)
  • Pressure part replacement/upgrade for life extension
  • Emission control solutions
  • Material Test Lab Services
  • Customized solutions

Pressure parts & Boiler Auxillaries

CBL offers a replacement for pressure parts and non-pressure parts damaged or worn-out due to prolonged use.

  • Bed coils, superheater coils, economizer coils, Boiler tubes, valves, fittings, etc.
  • Electric panel and automation
  • Safe and reliable Deaerators
  • Fans and Fan spares
  • Pollution control equipment ESP, bag filter, wet scrubber, FGD, Cyclones etc

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