Biomass Fired Boilers – Water Cooled Vibrating Grate

Water cooled compartmentalized Vibrating grate system with life more than 10 Years.


  • High steam generation capacity and consistency
  • Lowest possible emissions
  • Automatic ash discharge for high load continuous operation
  • Multi-fuel compatible
  • High moisture (up to 60%) fuel capability
  • Automatic adjustment for load
  • Low Unburned Carbon (UBC)
  • Minimum maintenance. Continuous operation capability

Operating range


Upto 275 TPH


Upto 130 Kg/CM² (g)

Steam Temperature

Upto 588° C


60 TPH, 67Kg/cm² Vibrating Grate Boiler
M/s BCL Industries & Infrastructures Ltd. Bathinda (Punjab)

50 TPH, 68Kg/cm2, Rice Straw Fired Boiler Vibrating Grate
M/s M.G. Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. Raipur Rani, Panchkula (Haryana)

30 TPH, 70 kg/cm2, Vibrating Grate Boiler
M/s Nachiketa Papers Ltd. Derabassi, Punjab
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