CBL’s AFBC Boilers offer the most effective solution for process heat and power generation. They can burn on various fuels with a combustion efficiency of over 85%, irrespective of ash content.

Advantages of AFBC BOILER

  • High efficiency
  • Fast response to load variation/fluctuation
  • Low on operating cost
  • Simple operation and quick start up
  • High reliability
  • Flexible on versatile fuels
  • Maximum fuel & Auxiallary power saving
  • Fuel: Indian /Imported Coal, Lignite, Rice Husk, Washery Rejects, Petcoke, Dolachar

Operating range


upto 175 TPH


upto 130 kg/sqcm


Upto 540 degree

CBL’s AFBC low maintenance design features

  • Water wall membrane type for maximum heat absorption and structural rigidity
  • Four stage steam separation to ensure zero carryover
  • Optimum velocity and pitch in economizer for better life of tubes
  • Studded in-bed evaporator tubes are immersed in the bed to extract heat
  • Welded and factory assembled PA and fuel nozzles
  • High efficient fans to ensure optimal power consumption and minimum noise level

Hopper Bottom (Fluid Bed) Salient Features

Reduced maintenance in the furnace as the combustor does not have any moving parts.
Optimum combustion due to uniform temperature distribution in the bed and agitating characteristic of the fluid bed.
Higher efficiency as a result of low excess air requirement.
Lower NOx and CO emissions.
Low SOx emission with limestone addition.
Low-temperature operation minimizes the biomass fuel ash agglomeration and fouling tendency.
Continuous slow draining of bedash aids:
• Easy settling and disposal of large-sized particles, which hamper fluidization
• Maintaining alkali concentration below acceptable levels
• Avoiding accumulation of denser particles in bed in maintaining uniform bed density across the entire bed”
Under-bed / over-bed fuel feeding for proper distribution of fuel.

CBL AFBC is a versatile boiler offers simple operation and quick start up

  • Available in Bi-drum/ Single drum
  • Suitable to generate saturated and super heated systems
  • Suitable for cogeneration and captive power plants
  • Underbed/ Overbed fuel feeding/ Bottom hopper design
  • Low excess air requirement resulting in higher efficiency
  • A secondary firing system is provided in the furnace to ensure optimal combustion resulting in minimum un-burnt fuel, reduced CO level in the flue gas and improved efficiency.

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55 TPH, 88 kg/cm²
Gujrat Ambuja Exports Ltd –
HImatnagar Gujrat
50 TPH 88 kg/cm²
Jodhani Papers Limited
A P Refinery
28 TPH, 67Kg/cm² AFBC Boiler
A P Refinery Pvt. Ltd. Ludhiana (Punjab)
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