Cheema Boilers Limited (CBL) specializes in RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) fired boilers, designed to convert waste materials into energy efficiently. These boilers are engineered for robust performance, offering reliable and sustainable power generation while reducing landfill waste and promoting environmental conservation. CBL’s RDF fired boilers cater to industrial needs with advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions.

Advantages of RDF Fired BOILER

  • High efficiency
  • Reduces landfill waste by utilizing municipal solid waste.
  • Lowers fuel costs with alternative energy sources.
  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.
  • Promotes sustainable and renewable energy practices.
  • Provides stable and reliable energy supply.

Operating range


upto 67 kg/sqcm


Upto 480 degree

CBL’s RDF Fired Boiler – Waste to Energy

  • Advanced Combustion Technology: Utilizes efficient combustion of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for high energy output.
  • High-Efficiency Grate Systems: Optimized for RDF, providing robust fuel handling and thorough combustion.
  • Sophisticated Flue Gas Cleaning: Incorporates multi-stage filtration to reduce emissions and comply with environmental standards.
  • Heat Recovery Systems: Maximizes energy extraction from flue gases, improving overall efficiency.
  • Automated Fuel Feeding and Ash Removal: Ensures continuous operation with minimal manual intervention.
  • Integrated Control Systems: Offers precise monitoring and control for stable and safe boiler operations.
  • Durable Refractory Lining: Designed to withstand high temperatures and abrasive conditions typical of RDF combustion.
  • Scalable Design: Capable of handling varying RDF compositions and energy demands.

CBL’s RDF Fired Boilers – Advanced Solutions for Efficient Waste-to-Energy Conversion

  • Designed for easy operation and rapid start-up, making them ideal for diverse industrial applications.
  • Available in various designs to accommodate different system requirements, including single drum and bi-drum options.
  • Suitable for generating both saturated and superheated steam, perfect for cogeneration and captive power plants.
  • Equipped with advanced fuel feeding mechanisms (grate systems and automated feeders) to handle RDF efficiently.
  • Operates with low excess air, enhancing fuel utilization and boosting overall efficiency.
  • Features secondary firing systems to ensure complete combustion, minimizing unburnt residues and reducing CO emissions.
  • Incorporates specialized refractory linings and ash handling systems to manage the unique challenges of RDF combustion.
  • Includes advanced flue gas cleaning technologies to meet stringent emission standards and promote sustainable energy production.
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