CBL Process Boilers

The boilers serve diverse needs of different industries with multi-fuel firing capability, high efficiency and environment-friendly steam generation capabilities.
CBL is renowned worldwide as a specialist supplier of Process boiler systems in
all sizes and output categories. For over 30 years we have been providing innovation in industrial boiler construction.

Quality Through Experience

More than 2000 boilers systems supplied to over 140 countries worldwide confirm the renowned quality, reliability and efficiency of our industrial boilers.

Efficient Systems

Our modular boiler systems can significantly reduce operating costs with minimized fuel consumption, reduced water, chemicals, and electric power consumption.

Manufacturing Strength

We manufacture our products in-house and, in line with current standards and in accordance with the relevant applicable specifications for over 50 countries.

Certified Quality

We consider quality to be a top priority. An in-house laboratory for quality inspections and material analysis provides maximum transparency to our clients.

Skilled Engineers

Our nearly 200 engineers are trained and experienced. This means we achieve the highest level of designs and delivery by internationally recognized standards.

Quick Installation

Compact design optimised for ease of transport, simple installation and smooth commissioning. All boiler support easy cleaning, maintenance and service.


HYPAC from CBL is the most proficient and economic offering to the industry. Its smoke tube portion has a large water holding capacity along with a large water-steam interface area. This ensures 98% dryness of steam quality. The increased furnace height enhances the efficiency and increases the longevity.


EPAC Boilers bring together the benefits of water tube and smoke tube designs to offer the most efficient and economical energy solutions. These boilers integrate the water tube technology advantages like a better response to surge loads, better steam quality, quick start-up, and lower heat loss.


CBL GASPAC Boiler is a three-pass, wet back, fully packaged boiler designed to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiencies. It is designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels. The true three-pass design ensures efficient heat transfer and low flue gas exit temperatures for high thermal efficiencies.


EFFYPAC is skid-mounted and ‘plug and play’ – minimizing erection efforts and reducing costs substantially. EFFYPAC offers enhanced performance and assured value for a long-lasting period with its rugged construction and robustness and provides the highest fuel efficiency levels. The elongated height of the furnace ensures enhanced thermal efficiency and reduced fuel cost.


CBL Steam Marshal, the high-performing rice husk fired boiler, is designed to provide maximum output at a considerably lower operating cost. The Bubbling Bed combustion technology enables higher residence time and facilitates complete combustion to enhance boiler efficiency further.


CBL Steam Max offers true value to its customers. The compact, shop-assembled boiler is a low-cost, dependable solution for small steam requirements. Operating on multiple solid fuels like coal, wood, and biomass briquettes, SteamMax is suitable for a wide range of industry applications.


CBL’s INPAC Boiler is a 3-pass boiler with a tube design that maximises heat transfer and minimises refractory. It is a compact, highly dependable rugged deslgn that requires minimum space. It offers fuel flexibility, is low on maintenance and offers enhanced operational performance.

Most Effective Solution for Process Heat and Power Generation 

CBL keeps assets running at peak performance by supporting all phases. Starting with commissioning, and regular maintenance, you’ll benefit from reliable and efficient equipment with long service life.

Manufacturing strength

3 specialized plants equipped with modern automated systems and world class machinaries from reputed brands. The manufacturing area is spread over 1,00,000m square.

Newest technology adaption

We are a research driven organization and set standards in inoovative technologies. These technologies help improve efficiency and operating flexibility.

High quality guranteed

CBL follows the world’s best quality standards and has elaborate quality assurance systems. We are ISO:9001 | ISO:14001 | OHSAS: 18001 ASME U&S Certified.

We’ve been building Boiler for over 20 years

With commissioning of over 2000 boilers, we translate our engineering strength into unmatched value for our customers

  • High Efficiency
  • Fast response to load fluctuation
  • High reliability and reduces maintenance cost
  • Flexibility on versatile fuels
  • Simple operations and quick setup

The Right Choice

You can contact your contact person directly or request support via the factory 24-hour industrial boiler hotline. We’re also happy to support you with the professional installation of the spare parts

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