We provide the best solution for your energy demand

Cheema Boilers Limited is a leading resource for the design, innovation, manufacture, and commissioning of boilers and auxiliaries.
With decades of experience in serving diverse industries, CBL has the experience, competence, and solutions to provide a broad range of technologies across major industries.
Whatever be your field of industry, CBL can help you meet your energy demands with improved cost efficiencies. CBL can also efficiently partner with you for waste heat recovery, incinerators for hazardous waste, and a wide array of air pollution control equipment.


Steam for various processes such as steam cracking, distillation, steam stripping, polymerization, and heating reactors.


Steam for distillation of units and also for cleaning, sterilize glass containers and humidify air conditioning systems.

Food & Beverage

Solution for energy-intensive processes, electricity, heating and cooling. We offer reliable and energy-efficient systems.


Hot water, steam and electricity for thermal pulping and treatment processes, for pressing, shifting and drying paper rolls.


Steam for dying, washing, cleaning, drying, pressing, steaming and folding in the textile production process and laundries.


Steam for ultra-high-temperature processing, pasteurizing, sterilizing the production of byproducts and cleaning processes.


Steam, electricity and hot water for heating hydrocarbon mixtures, preheating crude oil, and in distillation process.

Rubber & Tyre

Steam, hot water and electricity for painting & drying processes. Vulcanization & heating of moulds and the production area.

Sugar Industry

Steam supports heating, extraction, evaporation, and crystallization, frequently in conjunction with combined heat & power.


Steam boilers for starting up steam turbines and as an emergency supply for large gas and steam turbine power plants.


Steam supply of autoclaves for hardening cellular concrete and sand-lime bricks, steaming wood & producing veneer and boards.


Steam and hot water for mashing, filtering, pasteurizing, and de-alcoholization, as well as sterilizing bottles and kegs.

Why Cheema Boilers is the best partner for your Business

Quality first

Our customers trust our future-proof energy and solutions tailored to their needs that gives them peace of mind.


Empowering partnerships and ease of doing business are basics for us as a locally empowered reponsible partner.


Based on a higher facility efficiency, engineering and innovative custom solutions, we fascinate our customers.


By taking responsibility for on-cost, on-time, accurate implementation without compromise on quality.

Our Pride

We work closely with a wide range of enterprises from different sectors and regions.

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