CBL Legacy

The company, which began in 1991 as a small boiler maker under the Cheema family name, has developed into a leading global system supplier for industrial boilers in recent decades.


A start-up business is established by the name of Cheema Engineering Services (P) Ltd.


Cheema Engineering gets Technology Innovation Award for new technology in Boiler designs.


A major leap forward – Cheema Boilers Limited incorporated, and brand CBL is born.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities established near Chandigarh, Northern India.


CBL starts exports. Transcends national boundaries and first international Boiler was commissioned.


Commercially established Slop Fired Boiler. Now it is the 3rd generation development


Major expansion and capacity building drive – manufacturing facilities almost doubled.


Yet another formidable achievement – Commissioning of 1000 boilers was a milestone achieved.


Established Welding Training Institute in association with IL&FS for training.


CBL commences manufacturing and supply of steel structures for railways and bridges


Second landmark achievement 2000 Boilers commissioned


First 100% rice straw bale fired Boiler commissioned


Flagship product – Thermic fluid heater launch & Manufacturing Plant expansion


Patented Cheema Pump – A System & Method for feeding water into a boiler vessel


A new vertical added – water treatment Division – from Boiler excellence to water innovation.
Patented – Green Hydrogen – Eco-friendly method & device for on-site generation of Hydrogen fuel

Steaming Ahead

“The term ‘Steaming Ahead’ is depiction of an unrelenting, unstoppable CBL – a company expeditiously expanding operations into newer territories, newer countries, newer continents.

Steaming Ahead embodies the essence of CBL – an organization rapidly moving forward with a vision of attaining leadership position in its sphere of activity. The slogan reflects the will of Cheema Boilers Limited to create new paths and possibilities to benefit the people and the planet, by encouraging innovation in thinking and developing an environment of growth.
‘Steaming Ahead’ also signifies CBL’s continuous exploration of evolving technologies and systems that provide greater values and better experiences to its customers. “

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