The main principles of sustainable development – satisfying the current generation’s needs without compromising the opportunities open to future generations – form the main part of our corporate policy.
Skill Development Programme

CBL – IL&FS Institute of Skills, Ropar: To empower the local unskilled youth with employable skills, CBL has established an International Welding Training Institute in collaboration with IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Limited (IL&FS Skills). IL&FS Skills is one of the largest Public-Private Partnership models set up in the Skill Training and Vocational Education arena of India.

Financial Aid for Educational Institutions

CBL believes that every child deserves a quality education and can only build better communities on the foundations of better education. With its commitment towards communities, Cheema Boilers Limited, from time to time, steps ahead to offer financial support to ambitious schools and other educational institutions.

Other Social Initiatives

CBL regularly comes forward for various other social initiatives like organizing Blood Donation Camps and participation in Disaster Relief Programmes. At CBL, corporate responsibility is not just an isolated function. In fact, CSR is integrated into all CBL products and processes as every business function is carefully planned, keeping in mind its impact on people and the planet.

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