Travelling Grate Boilers is operated through the burning of mustered husk and paddy straw and provides for superior combustion efficiency. Providing for high operation reliability, these also ensure low downtime and comparatively less fouling and sagging possibilities.

Types of fuel grates

  • Traveling Grate Boilers
  • Dumping Grate Boilers
  • Reciprocating Grate Boilers

    Operating range


    Up to 275TPH


    Up to 130 kg/cm2 (g)


    Multi fuel compatible

    Steam temperature

    Up to 540C

    Design advantages

    High Efficiency

    • Continuous Ash Discharge
    • Hydraulic Drive / Planetary Drive drives grate.
    • Modulating Cyclo-motor for uniform Fuel distribution on grate, ensuring better combustion
    • Grit Re-firing system

    Reliable and safe

    • Bi-Drum / Single Drum, Natural Circulation: Bottom/ Girth/ Top supported design
    • Convection Super Heater offered for better temperature control and low maintenance
    • Optimum combustion with staged Secondary Air system
    • Tall furnace for staged and complete combustion

    Economical and easy to use solution

    • Machine-welded membrane panel
    • Membrane panels provide a gas-tight enclosure for better efficiency of boiler & minimum refractory
    • 2-Stage / 3-Stage Super Heater with Inter-Stage Spray type De-Superheater
    • Lower FOT below initial deformation temperature of Ash

    Dumping Grate / Reciprocating Grate can be offered depending upon fuel options.

    Mustard Stalk, Rice Husk, Paddy Straw, Wood chips, Lignite, Indian /Imported Coal, Soya Husk, DOB, DOC, Coffee Husk, Julie Flora, Sun Flower Husk, Cotton Stalk, Cow Dung cakes

    • Fuel Flexible
    • Low Maintenance
    • Enhanced availability

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